Web3-native software distribution

Publish and install executables, Docker images, WebAssembly, and more.
No centralized servers.

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Future-proof your security.

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Easy to use CLI and SDK

Easily create auto-update systems, programmatically publish and fetch software/firmware releases, and more.

# Install the Valist CLI
npm i -g @valist/cli

# Create a valist.yml file and populate it with your details like the following:
name: ethereum/go-ethereum # org-name/repo-name format
tag: 1.10.13
artifacts: # files to upload in release
  geth: build/bin/geth 
  puppeth: build/bin/puppeth
  abigen: build/bin/abigen
  clef: build/bin/clef

# Run a publish!
valist publish

Release software with your Web3 identity

Use your crypto wallet to sign software, build your developer identity, and show off your contributions.

Code Signing
Sign executable applications and firmware using a variety of options: MetaMask, Mobile App, HSMs, Hardware Wallets.
Access Control & Key Management
Easily manage role based access control, key rotations, and multi-factor security.

Distribute Web3 Software over Web3

Are you building for Web3 but still distributing over GitHub Releases, AWS S3, or Azure Blob store? Use Valist to decentralize your software distribution.

Decentralized Infrastructure
No need to setup databases or servers to host software releases and updates, and no single points of failure. Keep focusing on developing great products.
Team and DAO Coordination
Teams and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations can vote on software releases for projects they maintain. No need to rely on centralized build servers or a single developer.