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your software.

Universal package repositories, code signing, and access control.

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Secure your software supply-chain

Forget about Certificates

Familiar SSH-style keys allow developers to authenticate without passwords.

No need to buy a certificate from a CA, or wrangle with PGP.

Code Signing
Sign firmware and binary applications using a variety of options: MetaMask, Mobile App, HSMs, Hardware Wallets.
Access Control & Key Management
Use the HSM already on your mobile device to sign your software.
Easily manage access control and key rotations.

Globally Distributed by Default

No setting up servers in different regions, no central point of failure.

No Backend Needed
No need to setup databases or servers to host software releases and updates. Keep focusing on developing great products.
Managed & Self Hosted Options
Our Relay is available to get started right away.
Want to self-host? Run your own Valist Relay!
Powered by a Decentralized Network of Global Peers
Backed by the Ethereum and IPFS networks, with peers across every country in the world.

Easy to use CLI, Pluggable SDK

Easily create auto-update systems, securely publish and fetch software/firmware releases, and more.

# Install the Valist CLI by navigating to

# Run the init command to create your organization and repo
valist init acme-co/go-example

# The CLI will help you populate it with your details like the following:

name: acme-co/go-example
tag: 3.3.3
  hello: dist/hello

# Run a publish!

valist publish

Ship Software in Seconds

Integrates with the most popular languages, distribution systems, and package managers.

REST Endpoints





Rust (Coming Soon)

APT (Coming Soon)

OTA Updates
Simple APIs to integrate automatic over-the-air updates. Self-updating applications in just a few lines of code.
Distributed Storage
Built in support for distributed file systems. Use IPFS to route content by its cryptographic hash.
Secure Download Links
What better place to put a download link than your own marketing site? Embed secure download links on your site that protects your users.
Cryptographic Integrity
Valist automatically checks the integrity of every release to ensure that the signatures are correct.