Securely distribute
your software.

Easily distribute secure software updates and signed binaries.
Publish auto-updates without a backend.
No PKI required.

Future-proof your security.

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We're privacy advocates too, and won't sell your data.
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A better way to release software.

Globally Distributed

Valist's infrastructure is globally distributed, so you'll never need to worry about downtime or scaling.
Use or host your own relay.

Fair Distribution

Take back control of your software distribution & monetization channels. Never ask for permission to publish your software.

Quick Setup

Distribute your application securely, on your own website in just a few minutes. Publish automatic updates just as quickly.

Access & Key Management

Use the HSM already on your mobile device to sign your software. Easily manage user licenses and developer access control.

All-in-one platform

Secure software distribution is hard. Valist makes it easy to securely publish your software and manage auto-updates.

OTA Updates
Simple APIs to integrate automatic over-the-air updates. Self-updating applications in just a few lines of code.
Signed Binaries
Sign firmware and binary applications using a variety of options: MetaMask, Mobile App, HSM, Hardware Wallet
Managed & Self Hosted Options
Our Relay is available to get started right away. Want to self-host? Run your own Valist Relay!
License Management
Easily create software licenses for your products. No need to write your own custom logic or use complex libraries.
Data Integrity
Valist automatically checks the integrity of every release to ensure that the signatures are correct.
No Backend Needed
No need to setup databases or servers to host software releases and updates. Keep focusing on developing great products.
No PKI Needed
Public Key Infrastructures are expensive, complex, and difficult to secure. Valist eliminates the need to setup a PKI.
Secure Download Links
What better place to put a download link than your own marketing site? Embed secure download links on your site that protects your users.